Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Covention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Ms. Christiana Figueres is arriving in Kathmandu on Monday.

During her four day Nepal visit, Figueres is scheduled to hold a meeting with Prime Minister Sushil Koirala and attend the closing session of the Eighth International Convention on Community Based Adaptation.

The UN climate official will hold interaction with government secretaries and speak briefly on UNFCCC negotiations and the importance of climate change adaptation in various areas of development.
According to the UN Information Centre in Lalitpur, Figueres will hold a joint meeting with Chief Secretary Leelamani Poudel and Secretary of the National Planning Commission Som Lal Subedi.

She will deliver a lecture at the National Youth Conference on Climate Change on Tuesday.
She will also hold a meeting with Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment and chief of Climate Change Management Division Prakash Mathema. Mathema holds the capacity of the LDC chair.

The UN official will interact with the press and visit Biocomp Nepal at Sainbu of Lalitpur.
She will head to Bhutan after rounding up her Nepal visit on May 1.

Figueres was appointed UNFCCC Executive Secretary by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in 2010, and was reappointed for a second three year term in July 2013.

The management of Biocomp Nepal is pleased to announce the relocation of the sales and accounting office from its current Jawalakhel location to the factory site as per January 2016. The relocation of the sales and accounting teams is expected to improve the integration between the office and factory functions of the company.

Director Maarten Gnirrep is very happy with the relocation. “In the past, we found that having separate office and factory locations hampered the internal communication and logistics of the company. Now that it has finally become possible to provide a high-speed optical fibre glass internet connection to the factory location, merging the two teams on the factory site was the logical thing to do.”

With the relocation comes a new office phone number as well. The new office phone number is +977 9802054440.

In February 2016, the management of Biocomp Nepal undertook a field visit to Inaruwa and Sunsari, important agricultural regions for Nepal and therefore customer bases for Biocomp. A visit was paid to customer Khadga Dahal, a consumer of Biocomp compost fertilizer. Residing in Sunsari, Dahal uses Biocomp compost fertiliser mostly for banana farming.

Khadga DahalSays Dahal: “After using Biocomp compost fertilizer, my soil quality has greatly improved and my productivity has increased. The potato field looks densely green and the the potatoes are larger in size. Back in the old days, I used chemical fertilizer like most of the farmers here, but now, after using compost fertiliser, I am delighted with the results. Using Biocomp compost fertilizer has greatly reduced the death of my plants and the soil has become loose and fertile. I strongly suggest other farmers to use Biocomp compost fertilizer in their farm as well. ”

Khadga Dahal is not the only one in this part of Nepal. Also the farmers in Gograha, Inaruwa, have turned around and are now using Biocomp compost fertilizer.  Besides bananas, farmers are using Biocomp compost fertiliser for potato and tomato crops and also for household gardens.

By recycling waste into compost, Biocomp prevents waste from being dumped at the landfill. Every truckload of waste not being dumped at the landfill reduces methane emission and therefore reduces the negative impact on climate change. After having been selected as one of the ‘Lighthouse activities’ by the UN in 2012, Biocomp partnered up with MyClimate to start a Carbon Offset program. After three years of extensive selection and validation, MyClimate and Biocomp are very proud to announce that Biocomp Nepal is now officially Gold Standard registered.

Says director Maarten Gnirrep: “Not only does this recognise Biocomp’s positive impact on the environment, it also certifies that all aspects of Biocomp’s business practices comply with international standards of human rights, safety and respect for the environment.”




With years of experience in recycling, waste management and composting, Sortiva is not only one of our key investors, they also bring a lot of experience and technical know how to the table. With Sortiva’s support and consultancy, Biocomp has been able to produce and guarantee a product according to the highest quality standards.

Recently Sortiva has again shown her commitment to making Biocomp Nepal a succes by funding a piece of equipment which plays a key role on our composting process.

On behalf of the entire Biocomp Nepal team we want to show our gratitude and give a special thanks!

The Biocomp Team.

November 11, 2016

We are very proud to announce that Biocomp Nepal has been awarded as the “Green Company of Nepal 2016” by Frost and Sullivan, Chairman Mr. Gyani Bhakta Bade received the award on behalf of Biocomp Nepal amid a function held at Soaltee Crowne Plaza on Wednesday. This award recognizes that the activities of Biocomp Nepal contribute to a cleaner Kathmandu, increase in farmer’s yield and income, and provide jobs and training for people of the local community. In short we have a positive effect on Environment, People and Economy.

Frost and Sullivan has honored top Nepalese companies and personalities from various industries during the first edition of its flagship event “Growth, Innovation and Leadership Summit – Digital Transformation: A new Strategic Imperative”. The recipients of the 2016 Frost and Sullivan Nepal Best Practices Awards have been selected and honored based on an in depth research conducted by analysts appointed by the consulting firm. The criteria for selection of the winners were revenue growth, market share and growth in market leadership, leadership in market innovation etc.

For further details, please contact:

Maarten Gnirrep, Managing Director ,+977- 9802054440

Gyani Bhakta Bade, Chairman ,+977-01-6923275

Saroj Mahato, Sales & Marketing Manager ,+977-9801252000